Waterproof Extra Warm Gloves & Mittens

In the Skade way, our gloves redefine winter comfort with a minimalist touch:

- Minimalist Design, Maximum Protection: Embracing a minimalist aesthetic, our gloves feature a simple yet protective design. Crafted with a waterproof exterior, they shield your hands from the elements, ensuring dryness and protection—no more worries about wet or freezing hands.

- Insulated Warmth: The minimalist design doesn't compromise on warmth. Enjoy superior insulation for exceptional warmth, bidding farewell to numb fingers and extending your hours on the slopes even in the harshest winter chill.

- Tailored Fit Assurance: Thanks to adjustable wrist straps, our gloves provide a secure and comfortable fit—no more distractions with loose or ill-fitting gloves, allowing you to focus on peak performance.

- 3M Technology Fabric: Infused with cutting-edge 3M technology fabric, known for durability and exceptional resistance, our gloves are built to withstand the toughest winter conditions.

- Cozy Inner Haven: The soft and super warm inner fabric transforms every moment on the slopes into a cozy and enjoyable experience, setting the Skade standard for comfort in the chilliest adventures.

Special Mitten Edition: For those seeking extra warmth, our Mitten edition gloves feature additional fabric on the inside, ensuring your fingers stay toasty even in the coldest conditions.

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