From sports and snowy peaks to beach vibes and urban exploration

Welcome to Skade, where sports and urban apparel intertwine with the spirit of friendship. Founded in December 2023, Skade was born from the vision of celebrating people and embracing individuality. We stand for a world of possibilities where everyone is encouraged to be themselves.

At Skade, we believe in the beauty of being different and strive to create a space where you can be whoever you want to be. Join us in crafting a unique and inclusive community where every garment tells a story of connection, self-expression, and the endless joy of being true to yourself.

Crafting Uniqueness:
Our design process draws inspiration from journeys, people, and uniqueness. We ensure each jacket undergoes rigorous evaluation for optimal quality, functionality, style and comfort.

Upholding Excellence:
Skade holds prestigious quality certifications, validating durability, water resistance, and overall excellence in our apparel.

Preferred by Young Athletes:
Our insulated, waterproof garments make Skade the preferred choice for young athletes in winter sports and urban adventures.

Making a Fashion Statement:
Skade stands out not just for functionality but for exclusive designs, each style a unique blend of quality and innovation.

Global Craftsmanship:

We source materials from United States, China, Japan, Pakistan, Portugal, and Italy, bringing the best in quality and variety to our customers.

In conclusion, Skade is an experience for those who share our passion for adventure and style. We invite you to explore our Exclusive Collection. As we embark on 2024, anticipate even more variety.

Welcome to the Skade experience — where the journey is as remarkable as the destination.